CEO Message

The enterprise creating the future through relentless change and innovation

Year 2023,INSOL is set for rebound.

For the last 3 years, our world has been struggling along under the COVID-19 pandemic. INSOL was no exception and had to endure much hardship, directly impacted by global crises from rocketing oil prices to ever-increasing consumer prices and worsening supply chain risks.

However, INSOL overcame the severe difficulties and earned landmark achievements by launching three new diagnostics products in 2022.

In 2023, INSOL will rebound.

As the 2nd CEO of INSOL, I am resolved to take on new challenges through wisdom and courage for the Year of the Black Rabbit.

INSOL will strengthen its corporate value & culture, sharpen its competitive edge based on human & material resources, secure the original technology, and seek differentiation of its R&D business. In addition, global market entry through INSOL-made IVD medical devices and business diversification will further drive INSOL’s growth.

In order to constantly turn things around and beat the odds, INSOL will always seize the initiative to accommodate and adapt.

Dear customers, shareholders, executives and staff who always cherish INSOL,

“Make the world happier by promoting early testing and preventing the spread of infectious diseases!” INSOL has not forgotten this mission and will continue to fulfill its promises and social responsibilities.

Please watch and support INSOL’s rebound in 2023. Thank you.

CEO Hellena Yu