RE:FIT® Patch U8

RE:FIT® Patch U8

Product Name RE:FIT® Patch U8
Classification Holter Monitor

Product Information

Intended Use
RE:FIT® Patch U8 is a wearable holter monitor for continuous measuring and recording of ECG, HR, and other important health parameters. After the patch is placed on the chest and powered on, cardiac signals can be monitored in real time using a smartphone app (HAPP+). The battery lasts for 48 hours with one full charge.
* continuous ECG monitoring & recording (up to 48 hours)
* 6-channel measurement
* small & light (45g)
* rechargeable battery
Kit Components
* RE:FIT® Patch U8 (SHC-U8) x 1
* charging cradle X 1
* disposable electrodes x 21
* user manual X 1

Instructions for Use